This is the space for all who want to participate with us in developing themes of home and a full and satisfying life in it, either through essays, articles or stories from everyday life.


At home in our heart

The article from the Lecture no.1 of CA Trikvetra


Not once, every single one of us, had to face the question, how to go on in our life. Whether we had to leave parents house because of our new job in another city or we experienced one of the saddest matters - break up with a partner. All that affects one of the most sensitive sides of our existence such as: our confidence, our safety, the knowledge that we belong somewhere. In short, we have a home.

When we were preparing materials to our civic association (CA), we were dreaming, ´Wouldn't be just great if everyone
can live in their own home? ´But we don't live in a perfect world. Not everyone has the finance, or needed support to be able live in their house or flat. Well, what if we look at it more complicated than is need it?

What if we still expecting something different than we have right now and we keep ourselves in continuous suffering? All we need is just remember that we always have a choice. This knowledge provides the space for opportunity - to make a change.

In CA, we decided to share our knowledge, experience and ways to create a sense of home inside every one of us. And then we'll adapt the place in which we live currently to that. We seek ways to live fulfilled and happy life. It isn't enough to read books and go to the lectures. We are using our gained experience in CA in our families' lives.


´To relax alone in the forest isn't art. Art is, when you feel ok in a crowded bus by people frustrated by their lives.´


Please stop, think for a second. What does it mean to be home? How it feels like? For some people mean the home to be with their families. For the others it's the place, where they can rest after a long day at work. Is our flat, house or rented option of one of those, the place where you can burst up your energy, before you go with your day to day matter like shopping, housekeeping, children and partner?


What we could do to make it happen?


Can we try one exercise? Take a blank paper and pastels. Yes, pastels! Why not, small children see world more colourful then adults with blue pen, which nowadays the computer keyboard step by step force it out. Now, right in the middle of the paper draw a house! If it is going to be a villa or a small cottage house it's really up to you.

If you are done with the house, try to write around it, by using key words, everything, that you have in your mind, when you say HOME. If it´s possible please use the whole clean space around the drawn house!

Have you done that?

Take another blank paper! Please, do five table columns on it with names ´Work, Household, Health, Family and Free time´ 

Now, please write again all words from previous paper with that drawn house to the paper with table columns. Every word has to be put in to the right table column. E.g. Reading book goes to ´Free time´ or a walk in wood to ´Health´ (book´s editor and gamekeeper go for Work. :-) )


Thirdly, pick up another blank paper! Again make table columns with the same names, but now table columns fill up with your everyday routine. Take to your hands both papers with table columns. Are those table columns on both papers fulfilled about the same?   

The first paper describes your idea of your home and your life in it. The second one is your reality at the present moment. Ideally are on your papers all table columns fulfilled about the same. If is like that, congratulation! You manage to balance your daily life and it is in harmony with your dreams. :-)


If it isn´t your case, try to think. Is it possible take off from one column and adds to the other?  What you have to do for that?  Would it be really painful to reorganize your priorities?

What you have to do for that?

First is necessary to put away from the life, ´IT CAN'T BE DONE BECAUSE...´.We are taught from our childhood how it can't be done. We don´t bother with looking for ways, how it can be done.


Our CA is engaging in the new point of view on already existing situation of humans. It is about looking for the way, how to move on with the life, instead of sitting behind the table with pint of beer in the hand.

Our CA presents three pillars in humans' life. We can imagine them as fundamentals of the house on which we want to build.

1. Stone - Health

We all know that healthy human has many wishes, but ill one has just one. The present time is quick, we can feel that. Somewhere inside us we know that only thing we can do, is adapt. The nature is also showing us that not the strongest or the smallest but the most adapted
living being can survive. If we want to keep up with current life style, it is necessary to think about following: condition, priorities and self-worth.    

We are people of the computer age. Our bodies aren't adapted to a sedentary lifestyle. We need to move! Otherwise our bodies are fading away and with that our ability to survive. Through our help, you can find which kind of exercise suits you, so you can do it with fun.

Our priorities are part of our daily life. Time is passing quicker not because have to manage our duties with higher speed. It is passing so fast in other to select important thing from pointless ones.

If we clean up inside our duties and activities, we can find how much free time we actually have. To define our priorities isn't easy. People around us mightn't be happy about it. It will pass. :-)

When we find out our value, we´ll stop giving discounts.

For a moment can we imagine that we have the job of our dreams? Meets criteria such as: 

  • Working conditions: position,
    team, working hours and job description,
  • Occupation: sedentary work at a PC, job on the legs or working at home,
  • Evaluation: salary, bonuses, discounts and so on.

Now can we imagine that work which we done, in which we are happy, for that work we can get just 50% from promised salary? How does it feel? It is not good, right?

The work done = include time and our energy, which we put in to it. Don't be afraid! Start to value our qualities! Stop with giving discount! The word NO is necessary with the unreasonable demands. Let's set our self-confidence upward curve.  


2. Stone - Economics

Only those, who can manage their finance, can also manage well their standards of living. They alone decide where their main part of their finance goes. It´s exists more than one way how we can deal with finance. We did choose economics with bit of reason. We´ll go through methods which we can use to evenly split finance between all aspects our life, from duties to fun. We´ll find out if we can earn from our hobbies. We´ll find out difference between passive and active investments. 

3. Stone - Natural built home

We´ll go through this area in our seven month seminar called ´Make your home with love to Nature.´ This seminar is for those who wants to live in house, flat or caravan, in their own or rented one. It is for those who want to feel good and do something for their environment. We can live in Nature, not only if we are alone in woods but also in the city fool of people. Seminar consists from seven weekends´ meetings ones a months. Through those meeting we´ll speak about seven elements. 

  •    Plants

Only few of us are aware these days how important it is to be surrounded by plants. They give us the necessary oxygen, they purify the air, provide food and warmth into our surrounding area. It is amazing to have your own garden, to create your own ´Secret garden´. Can you imagine that you are cooking the soup and for missing parsley haulm, you´ll go to sun-drenched garden bed? It is the place where tomatoes really taste. Size of the garden isn´t that important if we have good organization skills. The polyculture gardens provide a wide range of possibilities.  

How about the life in a flat? Only soil we´ve got, it the one on our shoes. There aren´t limits to our imagination. Also for people in city exist many variants, how to make a little paradise in their flat. Can we imagine that vegetable and fruits couldn´t only nutritious but also decorative function? Do have our flat balcony or windows, which can connect your flat with rest of the world? What you think? It is
possible with little bit of effort to grow your weekend lunch, make your own stock of spice or give your own grown fresh strawberries as a gift to your friend?

  • Animals

Animals are one of the most closes helpers to people. This element speaks about how we should know our animals' neighbours and recognize their importance in our garden. We´ll speak about effective cooperation with them so we can increase the benefit of our land. Their multipurpose is quite important.  E.g. the hen gives us eggs also it fertilizes and cuts the lawn. Earthworm aerates and fertilizes soil but is also important part of the diet of hens.

Are animals important for those who live in flats? How they can make our life more effective in it? Can we imagine the open balcony full of flowery plants which will please urban bees? Urban bees will then pollinate our strawberries. What kind or help will give us earthworm in composter? It converts organic waste into nutritious fertilizer for our cherry tomatoes.

  • Water

Water isn't pretentious. It requires nothing. It doesn't shout or object to anything. It doesn't need to prove its importance. Although we cannot exist without it, we are treating it as if it is left over on our planet. We are fortunate that it´s not so touchy like people. It isn't in it nature to be like that. If we give it space on our land, it will help us with watering of all our plants. It'll quench thirst of our animals. It can keep us not only clean but also soften the climate of our land.

Is there a place where water is applied in an apartment? Of course, it´s clear that it can be found in the kitchen, bathroom or toilet. But is that really all? What humidity? Did we contemplate at all, whether it is an important component for household? What is the comfort zone of humidity for our household? What happens if our flat is dried or sodden? Where to find the balance between wet and dry conditions in our flat and how to achieve it?

  • Natural building

When we say "natural building" people are terrified. Their imaginations go to a shack in the forest, to pulling water from the well bucket or to the dilapidated porta-potties. If they want to live like that, is their choice. Present time offers us tremendous opportunities. We have advanced technology and with the big surprise our nature survived it. We have reached a point where we can with little bit of effort live our lives without destroying our nature. On this part of the seminar we will talk about natural materials and their use in the construction or reconstruction of our house or flat. We'll talk about how to get to know our property and how to connect it with the surrounding land.
Perception of interior space
Home is the place where we live. We spend time with our family. It gives us a sense of security and protection. It gives us space for rest, leisure, work and cosiness. The sense of order and imagination will take care of pleasant atmosphere. Warmth of home will be done by suitably deployed furniture, merry decorations, accessories, colours and scents which characterize us. E.g. Natural materials such as: wooden floors, indoor plants, wood stove or favourite colours of the walls, paintings, stones on the shelf as a memory of the trip to the mountains.
In the part housing element we will talk about, how to build or rebuilt our apartment or house according to our ideas and our finances. We´ll speak about Feng Shui, Vastu and intuitive organisation of furniture in our house.

  • Ecology

The important part of coexistence with nature is the fact, that we should behave responsibly towards the waste which we producing.
Do we know how can we use it secondary? Do we really have to buy new bags every time we going to shop? Do we know where we can put used textile? What do we do with glass? Do we know which bottles are deposit bottles and which aren´t? Where used batteries belong?
In this module, we will talk about, how to think about recycling already when we are shopping. We´ll talk about what we really want and need in our life and what we have to buy because our friend have it as well, or because we need to hold on to some expected standards. We´ll talk about ways how recycle on our land, house or flat.

  • Economics with bit of reason

This model is design to realize that our house is investment. If it's going to be passive or active it's up to us. If we wants to have our mortgage more bearable or we want to help up with our household budget, there are always ways, which we can use to make things easier. Where we can take and where is better for  family budget to add. 


text: Maria Šimeková a Simona Šimková
photo: Ivana Šimková


Untidiness-Tidinessin side us

How do you feel, when you are looking for a sock in the chaos, which has settled in your closet quite while ago? Could it be on the drier with the laundry? You run around in your apartment, you are in a hurry to your work. It's useless, right? Drawers are overfull, you're irritated, all goes badly, you are swearing.


Imagine for a moment that everything in your closet has its place. For your sock you just need to reach out and take it. What is your feeling on that? Are you satisfied? What is it like, when you are always running everywhere but you are still late, when you are work under stress? I would say that this is hard work that takes a lot of effort. Behind all this is the overfull closet - UNTIDIER MIND.

Start it tidy up. And better be step by step!


Let's see, how your normal working day goes. It looks like this:

At 6.15 a.m. you are waking up without breakfast (because you´re late). At 7:00 a.m. you are standing at the bus stop breathless and with dried toothpaste on your hand. Then, you have to survive the crowded bus. Thank God, today nobody wanted you run down by their car. You
done it, but you are late. There is just one thought in your head: ´I hate my job. I'd rather go to school. Ah, no pain, no gain. I´ll survive as always. The battle is on!´ You are entering into your workplace.

There is always a choice:

You wake up about 5:30a.m. Your turn on your favorite music, do some exercise or go for jogging. Then take a shower, select something to wear from your wardrobe and then coffee and breakfast. You go to the bus bit sooner so you take emptier bus. Buy something to eat for a snack before entering workplace. You are in time. You love your job even though is time to time difficult and tiring, but fills you up. You go in with a smile on your lips.

What is limiting you?

I recently asked my friend what he would do if he would win 5 million Euros. He answered very promptly. He would travel around the world and never would he work in his life again. He would be doing what make him happy.

What limiting you to do what you like? It is really time or money? I think that it's mainly in our heads. Since our mind is overfull and we are not tidy it up regularly, the clutter accumulates in our drawers. Then we are forgetting, do not see or storing our plans, ideas and dreams into the rear drawers called ´ANOTHER TIME.´

Start tidying up inside yourself and you will feel much better!

How to Start

At first, when you really don´t know where to start you should calm down. Brief deeply. As well as your body also your mind need to rest.

There are quite a few techniques:

  • exercise,
  • yoga,
  • meditation,
  • singing,
  • listening to songs,
  • breathing.

If you don´t know which works for you, try all of it.  And then choose the most suitable for you. 

Sorting of the drawers.

For the start please do one exercise. You can do it when you come from work. Make yourself comfortable.

Make coffee or a cup of tea and surround yourself with nice music. Take a pen and a paper. You will all write it down, so you can come to in it every time you want.

Answer to the following questions:

• How do I feel, when I come home from work in the evening?

• What do I do first, when I come home from work?

• Do I have spare time for myself at home?

• If so, what am I doing for myself?

• What responsibilities are waiting for me at home?

• How much of my daily time the responsibilities eaten up?

• How do you relax?

With this exercise you can divide the drawers to: work, responsibilities outside of work, free time and relax-health. It would be ideal, if you divide answerers into the drawers evenly through all day and week.

If you manage to sort it up, you will feel good about yourself at the end of the day Also you did cook, you read an interesting article, you went to shop, even you met your friend at the shop with whom you went for a walk to the park.

In the evening you will go to bed pleasantly tired from well managed day. Do help yourself, tidy up regularly inside you and you will start to feel difference.

Text: Maria Šimeková